Lonski and Associates, LLC Celebrates 11 Years of Serving the Powersports, Motorcycle and Marine Industries

“We Change Lives Every Day”

INDIALANTIC, FL –  (Motor Sports Newswire) – For more than 11 years Lonski and Associates has been shortening the job search process for people looking for work in the Powersports and marine industries.

Henry Lonski said, We love it when our candidates tell us: “I am finally in the Powersports industry!” – “I am now where I want to be, in the marine industry” “Motorcycles have been my ultimate passion, and now it’s my career “. Our complete and total focus is to help job applicants realize their dreams of breaking into the Powersports, motorcycle or marine industry.

If you don’t have a Powersports or marine background and yet wish to gain a foothold in this industry, is there any reason to worry? No – Because with the help of this agency, they can find your desired job. A perfect fit for you and the employer, a true Win, Win.

For every search, Lonski and Associates, LLC, bring incomparable recruitment resources and a personal commitment to excellence. Clients around the world – United States, Canada, South America, Asia, and Europe – depend on search services from the agency.

The agency is designed to create a healthy environment for people looking for a job in the Powersports, motorcycle and marine industry to network with each other and also to get in touch with employers within the industry. Lonski and Associates, LLC, is a dedicated agency through which a job seeker can share confidential information, get valuable advice and touch base with people working in our related industries.

To celebrate their 11th year Lonski and Associates’ team of eight fulltime industry specific recruiters’ mission is to continue their efforts in helping people find the perfect Powersports or marine job, for many years to come.

PowerSports Industry ‘Rocking’ On Jobs

Dave McMahon, Editor in Chief
Powersports Business Magazine

Lonski finds dealers in search of top talent Henry Lonski, founder of his namesake recruiting firm Lonski and Associates, LLC, takes phone calls and emails daily from dealers looking for upgrades in talent. In fact, it’s his job, and the demand for finding quality personnel at both dealerships and other industry companies is growing so fast that Lonski has had to make additional hires to his own staff. MORE 

Qualified Job Candidates a Tough Find for Dealers

Powersports Business Magazine

Has your dealership been seeking qualified candidates for open employment positions, only to find a barren field of prospects? If so, you’re not alone. As dealership job openings continue to rise, the number of qualified job candidates remains stagnant, leading to headaches for dealerships across the country. For Lonski and Associates, LLC, a recruiting and placement firm with deep connections to a number of powersports dealers and OEMs throughout the industry, the first part of each new year brings with it a spike in demand for jobs.
“This is the third consecutive year where the demand is just over the top,” Henry Lonski, who founded the firm in 2005, told Powersports Business in a January interview. From service technicians to sales managers, there is plenty of demand for all positions across the industry. This is nothing new compared to recent trends. However, as dealers are increasingly struggling to find ideal candidates, job openings are piling up.

Lonski and his company of eight headhunters are currently working to fill over 130 open positions across the motorcycle, powerpsorts and marine segments. As of Q1 2018, the openings were evenly split among all three segments. “And it’s coast to coast. The first quarter of 2018 was the largest numbers of openings we’ve seen in three years. All eight recruiters have full plates. It’s not the number of jobs, it’s the number of qualified people for those jobs. I’m very positive looking forward.” Of course, that figure does not contain the large number of jobs that are open, but aren’t being publicly advertised due to the future termination of a current employee in that opening.