Your Staffing Resource Partner, Lonski
and Associates LLC is…

committed to providing the right resources and services to solve a Client’s specific needs without taking control away from those who are responsible for
their company’s success. We have developed the expertise and experience to deliver valuable, customized recruiting, staffing and consulting resources to any size company, at any stage of development and at any location worldwide. As a resource partner, we take pride in our ability to achieve results within the operating structure established by our Client Partners.


  • Temporary Staffing
  • Permanent Placement
  • Temp-to-Permanent
  • Contract Professionals
  • Consultants
  • Executive Search
  • Sales Management Services


Why Choose Lonski and Associates

Lonski and Associates LLC, is a specialized staffing company with an extensive and impressive client list. We
offer relevant industry experience with a focus on recruitment and an innovative client/candidate alignment

We are a Recreational/Powersports Recruiting & Staffing Option, we believe and have proven over many years
that we can find the best industry Candidates for any position.

  • There is No Obligation to Hire Our Candidates
  • We Demand No Upfront Money and/or Retainer
  • There is No Cost to Look at Our Candidates
  • We Always Give A No-Fault Guarantee For Our Placements for 90 days
  • We do not charge for No Placements
  • We do not Require Exclusivity

We work hard at becoming your premier source for recruitment
Clients select us because we care, listen and are committed to partnering and helping them obtain long-term
sustainable growth by providing them with the best, the brightest and most qualified industry talent available.

Our main objective in working with a client is to make your life easier. Therefore, we take precise measures to
ensure that your sole responsibility is to interview the top candidates and make a hiring decision. With Lonski
and Associates LLC,  nothing is left to chance. We deliver value because we give you the total package, not
just a warm body that can do the job.

Furthermore, as a commitment to our clients and candidates, we offer continuous support above and beyond other
organizations that provide similar services.

Our Recruitment Support Guarantee ensures that both Client and Candidate are
100% satisfied.

We deliver the qualified candidates others don’t.
While other firms deliver absence of research, shallow “off-target” candidate pools and an inability to stand
behind their work, Lonski and Associates LLC, fill related industry and product jobs for Sales, Sales
Management, Engineering, VP, Officer, Director, Manager and Staff level positions. We also solve the problems
many executives loathe about their retained and/or contingency search firms – expensive fees, large deposits,
exclusivity, and long lead times.

In most cases, we offer referral fees up to $1,000 for great candidates who are hired. Click
here to learn more.